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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Weaponized ugliness

 One Peter Five takes on the 2020 nativity scene that the Anti-Pope approved.

It’s an effective distraction, because we have a right to expect the true, the good, and the beautiful from a Church founded by God. Intuitively, this is an offense against reason and sense making; a purposeful weaponization of ugliness.

It is meant, I think, to attack right order and aesthetic sensibility; whether intentionally or not, therefore, it is meant to demoralize us. 

I think that's a pretty fair summation of everything that has happened under the Anti-Pope Jorge Bergolio.  His goal is to drive as many souls away from the Church as he possibly can, into Hell and into Satan's arms.  Installing a nativity scene that looks like something Pablo Picasso cooked up during a meth and acid binge doesn't bring anyone closer to God.  What would you think if your local church installed something like that?  Would you think they're trying to bring people closer to God?

Jorge Bergolio, aka "Pope" Francis, is the Anti-Pope.  He is at best a heretic, using the power of his office to push forward Marxist poison.  Benedict the XVI is the one, true pope.  Once you understand that, everything else becomes clear.

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