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Friday, December 18, 2020

A perfect description of the Vatican nativity scene

From an Italian art critic.

They are a caricature, a falsehood, a thing you cannot look at without the painful thought of how the religious world has been betrayed, which in art had its consecration. This is an act of humiliation; these figures have been humiliated, turned into something other than themselves. Don’t look at them, don’t look at them, don’t go there. Stay home.

You can't look at the nativity scene at the Vatican without being horrified.  

Think about that.  You cannot look at the scene depicting the birth of Christ, at the seat of the Catholic Church, without being horrified.

That is an assault on your senses, it's an assault on your faith, and it's an assault on your sensibilities.  And it.  Is.  Deliberate.

Jorge Bergolio is not the Pope.  He is the Anti-Pope.  And every action he takes proves that fact, including approving the installment of this nativity scene, which is a mockery of everything that is good, and holy and worthwhile.

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