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Monday, September 07, 2009

Not the sharpest tools..

But they're tools nonetheless. The union member who assaulted Kenneth Gladney at the St. Louis Townhall meeting is filing for workers comp based on an injury he sustained while at the rally.

Which means that he was there on union business, and getting paid for it.

Tell me again who's astroturfing all these events?

You want to know why there are so many people getting screaming mad? Because of crap like this, that the Obamedia refuses to cover because it might make their liberal lord and messiah look bad. Because of crap like this, that would make anyone with two functioning braincells feel like they're living in Bizarro World. Because of crap like this, where the Democrat American Communist Party are bussing in their hired and paid for thugs to assault and intimidate honest Americans and shut down any debate, all the while claiming that those honest Americans are the thugs.

Fuck the Left. Fuck them sideways. After eight years of their hatred pouring forth like pus out of an infected abscess in America, it's like that infection has taken over the country and we're desperately trying to find a way to stop it without resorting to amputation. And I don't think we can.

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