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Friday, April 09, 2004

How does that go again?

I believe it's "C:> format" or something like that. My computer is dying a painful, horrible death. Windows ME has got to be one of the worst OS that I have ever used. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. And since the g/f tried to be cute and add an extra hard drive to the system, the computer will no longer recognise either my CD-ROM drive or my CD-WR drive.

I'm fucked. And I'm computer illiterate. Seriously, I can use them, but try to get me to fix one and I'm out of luck. And to be quite honest, I am thisclose to just taking this damn box out to the range with me on Saturday and blowing it to hell, just for my piece of mind.

So if I drop off the face of the earth suddenly, you'll know that my computer finally gave up the ghost. I'm working on reformating it, and getting it clean, but there's no guarantee that it'll work.

Pray for me!

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