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Thursday, April 08, 2004

A little short notice

Have you ever fired an AK-47? S'ok, I haven't either, so don't be shy. Just raise your hands.

Now, what if I told you that someone made a system that hooked two AK-47s together, fitted with trigger actuators, that rendered those AK's capable of emptying a 75 round drum of ammo in 10 seconds? Would you want to shoot them then?

Now is your chance.

So far, it's Analog Kid, Myself, and Mollbot that are heading over to the Tri-Cities area to go shoot this thing. I'm also bringing a few other guns, as is both AK and Mollbot. If you want to get in on this, just email me, or go tell AK (follow the link). It'll be a potluck style event, so I'm bringing some of my home-smoked salmon. We shall chow DOWN, my brothers and sisters! We're also carpooling if possible, so we can share the gas costs.

So, folks - is there anyone interested? The Tri-Cities are halfway across the state, and to the south a little bit. People from Spokane are welcome and it would probably take you less time to get there since you don't have to go across the passes. Anyone wants to go, just let us know.

The regular Blastorama is scheduled for the 17th of April, don't worry. But I'm shooting all my rifle ammo at this event.

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