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Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Education President

One of Flipper's biggest flip flops involves the No Child Left Behind legislation he voted for and now blasts the Bush administration for enacting. Nevermind that Ted Chappaquiddick sponsored the bill. He and flipper were "duped". LOL So how is NCLB working out?

According to City Journal's Sol Stern:Though attacked and belittled, George W. Bush’s education reforms represent real progress.

It sounds like it's pissing off some teachers. Guess it sucks to be held accountable for what you get paid to do. Of course, the Donks have a big lie for this issue as well. The "unfunded mandate":

The biggest falsehood that critics have promulgated against NCLB is that the bill represents an “unfunded mandate,” in that it doesn’t provide enough money to bring kids up to the standards it imposes. New York Times columnist Bob Herbert is typically dismissive. “It’s hard to believe the president ever intended to adequately fund the No Child Left Behind Act,” he writes, right after checking in with that objective source, Ted Kennedy. “Mr. Bush fights ferociously for the things he really cares about: enormous tax cuts for the wealthy, for example, or launching a war against Iraq. He has never showed a similar passion for the public schools.” In fact, the Bush administration will spend a whopping 49 percent more on public education this year than the Clinton administration did in its last year in office. In just four years, the Bush team will quadruple what the Clinton administration spent on reading programs over eight years.

Get kids to read. Test them for reading and math. Make schools compete for funding.

Guess which one of those our teacher's union owned Donk party has the largest problem with? Yep. Competition. They don't want kids to go where the educators succeed. They took some teeth out of the President's plan. Perhaps we can remove a few more of them from the legislature this time around. That and, of course, Re-Elect President Bush.

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