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Monday, May 03, 2010

Gulf oil spill becoming Obama's Katrina

Well, not really.  The Drive-by Media is too busy giving Obama's scrotum a tongue bath to do any kind of serious reporting.  Maybe when they stop being fanboys and panting over the Marxist Messiah's every golf swing, they'll get back to that hard-hitting journalism they can only manage when a Republican is in the Oval Office.  "Oooooo, look at that backswing!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Oil spill?  There's an oil spill?  Can we blame it on Bush?  No?  Oh, well then, isn't Obama DREEEEEEEEEEAMY?"

Gah.  Oh, and check THIS out!

With President Barack Obama traveling to the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, the administration deployed top officials to all of the major news talk shows to reinforce the theme that the federal response to the catastrophic oil spill has been as prompt and effective as possible.  
And the propaganda whores will spin it that way, so long as the Liberal Lord and Savior tells them to do so.  Feckwits.

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