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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

More Fake Racism

This time at Kansas State University.

An incident in which racist slurs were painted on a car near the Kansas State University campus last week was a hoax, and the man who painted the slurs has apologized. 
Riley County Police reported Monday afternoon that the owner of the car, Dauntarius Williams, 21, of Manhattan, admitted to investigators he was responsible for the graffiti.
This bullshit keeps happening, and it keeps getting exposed as bullshit.  Now many fake racism charges are we up to now?  Especially on college campuses? 

Law enforcement officials, however, decided not to file charges against Williams.
And that right there is the biggest fucking bullshit of all.  What would have happened if some white dude had done the racist graffiti?  They would be kicked out of school.  They would have charges filed against them.  Dauntarius Williams needs to have the very same charges pressed against him.  Make his fucking bullshit stupidity painful.

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