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Friday, December 03, 2021

I bet blogger pulls this one down as well.

 The vaccine is the virus.

I don't know how many adverse reactions a normal vaccine needs before it's pulled from use, but I would think that over 900,000 should be enough.  

Apparently not, for the people demanding you get the jab.  And that's just the health reports NOW.  Wait five years.  Ten years.  Watch as births drop off, as people either can't get pregnant or they have massive complications.  Folks, the spike proteins made by the jab are winding up in people's gonads.  You're going to see a shit-ton of miscarriages and stillbirths in the coming years.

You want to end your family line?  Go ahead and get your kids jabbed.  Enjoy not having any grandkids.

This shit is evil.  And the people pushing it are evil as well.


Anonymous said...

No posting on facebook- apparently this has been reported to them as "abusive"

Mike-SMO said...

Good information for those who have a clue about statistics. The "Woke" are not going to like you saying anything critical about control of the virus or the vaccines. No surprise there.

Still, I am surprised about the push for vaccination and boosters. "They" may have lost control of this story, someone may have come up with a way to skim the expenses of the vaccination, or it may be a long term scheme to remove a lot of productive, working people to make way for their "pets". Note that those excluded from any of the vaccine mandates have been the Illegal Aliens and the "Welfare Queens". Those targeted by the mandates have been skilled, experienced employees. The push-back has been appropriate, for a number of reasons, but especially since it has made clear the importance of capable people to our nation and its economy.

In general, if I make any comment to family, friends, or neighbors, I always mention something about "talk to your physician". Both the disease and the vaccines seem to cause local blood flow restrictions and clotting due to inflammation. I have no idea if those changes are temporary or permanent, but people come with a whole variety of medical conditions. The vaccine and COVID-19 may have both immediate and progressive side effects. The young are not at risk from the disease thus "most" have no need of the vaccines and their risks. The elderly are probably too old to care about possible autoimmune disease from the vaccination. Reports from Chicago (2020) show that 95+% of the deaths from COVID-19 were in individuals with one or more comorbidities ("").
Verify that your Vitamin-D(3) levels are up to snuff. That vitamin is involved in controlling inflammation and thus tissue damage and clotting. Comorbidities such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar (Type-II Diabetes), obesity and others, should be addressed. Some comorbidities can not be addressed. If an individual is immune suppressed due to therapy for cancer, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, transplants, implants, and a bunch of other conditions, the disease are a greater risk. A suppssedimmune system may prevent any benefits from a vaccine. Those with age-related immune suppression may have trouble fighting off the virus, and might not benefit from vaccination. Before you roll the dice, talk to a knowledgeable physician about your condition(s) and your risks before you decide.

Initially, the virus was very deadly. Over time, it seems clear that the virus has mutated into a less threatening form. But lots of the elderly die from a "cold" or from the "Flu". Individuals with suppressed immune systems may be less able to fight the virus or to benefit from any vaccination. Those with cardiac and/or respiratory problems have additional concerns. Thus, talk to a physician who knows all your conditions to get the odds of any action before you roll the dice. Some pre-treatments related to clotting, inflammation and/or blood flow MAY be appropriate. But don't listen to my babble or that from the Federal politicians who don't give a damn about any individual besides themselves. Talk to your physician who should have been keeping up with the medical literature and who knows your particular situation. Even then, what you may decide is something of a crap shoot. There is no default "Good Choice".

The SARS virus, Inflenza, and a swarm that causes the "common cold" are here to stay. The untreated comorbidities make you vulnerable to all of them. "Treat'em if you got'em". Work with your physician.

And yeah. Something in government really stinks, but that is a separate issue than staying alive. Talk to your physician!