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Friday, March 27, 2020

China haz a sad

Apparently China doesn't like people associating that country with the Covid-19 Virus.  Which started in China.  Which the Chinese Communist Party tried to cover up.  And then the CCP destroyed test data.  And then the CCP forced a doctor to withdraw his findings because they didn't want the world to know about the virus.  And then the CCP pushed misinformation about the virus.  And the doctor who tried to warn the world ended up dying.

Folks, this is the Chinese Virus.  They started it, they withheld information about it, they covered it up until it broke free and they couldn't cover it up any more.

It's the Chinese Virus.  The Wuhan Virus.  The Kung Flu.  The Cantonese Cough.  General Tso's Sicken.

Fuck China, and fuck what China wants.

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Drake's Place said...

"General Tso's Sicken". Magnificent!! :)