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Thursday, March 26, 2020

I want to know who the fuck put that $25 million in the bill

Is there a list somewhere of who demanded what?  $25 million for the Kennedy Center?  Why?

You know who has a fuck-ton of money?  The Kennedy family.  Let them send $25 million to the organization that bears the name of their political legacy.

Shit like this is just even more proof that the parasites and anal warts infesting Washington D.C. don't fucking get it.  Crap like this is why Donald Trump is president.  Crap like this is why he'll win in 2020.  Because this country is essentially shut down, "for the greater good", and those fucking assholes want to give money to an organization that services rich people in the richest area of the country.

They can't help themselves.  They are incapable of just doing the right thing.  They literally cannot do it, no matter how bad it looks or how many people it hurts.  They are deeply flawed.  And that's the nicest thing I can say about them.  I want to know who put that $25 million in there.  I want their names.

I want them to answer questions, just like anyone else would have to do.

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Drake's Place said...

I'm still trying to find if Amtrak and PBS handouts are in the final version of the bill.
$1 Billion for Amtrak. WHY?!! PBS should be cut, permanently. They are plenty self-sufficient and need no taxpayer support.