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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Over at C&S I found this little tidbit regarding health care insurance rate hikes.

Sebelius told National Journal Editorial Director Ronald Brownstein that the coming rate hikes will be “substantial” – but added, “It has little to do with passage of the [Patient Protection and Affordable Care] Act and more to do with the marketplace.”

"More to do with the marketplace"....  Think about that.  This administration and it's flunkies cannot figure out that taking over the health care system in this country causes the markets to react.  They literally cannot connect the economic dots.  They literally refuse to see how the actions of the government affect anything.

These people shouldn't be allowed anywhere near anything requiring a third-grade education, because they obviously are not at that level, and it would take years of education to get them there.

And another Obamacare success story - Major health insurance companies are dropping their children-only plans!  I hope everyone enjoys their free health care!

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Buzz said...

All the "guaranteed" coverage and laws preventing them from dropping money pits INEVITABLY lead to an increase in premiums.
Regardless of profits, executive bonus levels or inefficiencies, insurance companies can NOT throw unlimited cash at everybody that wants it. Like our tax dollars, you can't keep spending money unless you increase the amount you bring in.