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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Dick has a very NSFW photo of a girl with some ink in her skin, and the prevailing theme is that the tats ruined what was a very beautiful girl.

I'm forced to agree with them.  Because quite frankly, the tats suck.  They're the kind of trendy, show your 20 year old boyfriend "Look!  I got your band's mascot tattooed on my arm!" kind of crap.  When I have people ask my opinions about tattoos, and always say to them "Imagine you're sixty or seventy years old.  That skin is sagging, the tattoo is faded, nothing looks the way it used to.  Now can you tell your grandkids just why you got that tattoo, and more importantly, is it still going to be relevant when your sixty or seventy?  If the answer isn't a definite "Yes" without hesitation, then don't get that tat."  

My favorite line about tattoos came from a Seattle writer who pointed out that all those trendy "Bush Sucks" tattoos are going to end up saying "Buy Socks" when said tattoo canvas enters it's sixth decade.  And yes, I have tats.  And yes, I'll be able to explain them when I'm sixty.

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Buzz said...

Definitely not a fan of tats on women.
I've seen some gorgeous girls, then felt my stomach turn when I caught a glimpse of a tat.
It's just a personal preference, like long, dark hair.