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Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Smoking Nazis have won in Utah

Went to order cigars yesterday.  Guess what I found out?  You can't order cigars online and have them delivered to Utah.

No, that's not a joke or a typo. 

Also went to Beehive Cigars (best cigar shop in SLC)  They had their usual great selection.  But their private lounge, where one used to be able to enjoy a stogie?  Closed.  Permanently.  By the Utah Clean Air act.

The loss of a cigar lounge is rather upsetting.  The inability to order cigars online is flat out infuriating.  The Mrs. and I are appropriately outraged.

However, there's a little town just across the Utah/Wyoming border that has a post office, and where I can obtain a post office box.  And given that the Mrs. and I will be visiting this town about once a month (much cheaper prices on alcohol, food, ammunition....  hell, everything) I will be getting said PO box, and I'll have my cigars shipped there.  It'll increase the cost of my cigars by about $120 a year, but I figure that's worth it.

I'll not be told that I can't engage in a legal activity by the various nanny-state twatwaffles.


p2 said...

I can still order online, but tgere hasn't been a lounge here in years. Same reason. There are a gazillion pot shops, you can snowflake vape anywhere. But if I'd like to enjoy a cigar while fishing? Fahgedabboudit.

Ragin' Dave said...

I recall a blogger years ago saying that Phillip Morris executives had wet dreams about selling marijuana cigarettes to the very people who were shutting down their Marlboro business. And he was right. When I was stuck in the hellhole that is Los Angeles, I could have NEVER smoked a cigar in the local dog park. The oh-so-tolerant liberals would have been outraged. But they had no problem with the "medical" marijuana smokers sparking up and blowing their nasty skunkweed smoke all over the place.

Screw 'em. When the law becomes tyranny, resistance becomes mandatory.

p2 said...

Indeed. I'll email ya a workaround to your shipping issues and a link to a forum I spend a goodly amount of time on. Good buncha'd fit right in.

Unknown said...

I saw these the other day and remembered reading this post and since I know you enjoy a good whiskey or scotch I thought you might enjoy them

Ragin' Dave said...

That's actually pretty damn cool.