Day by Day

Monday, June 17, 2019

Went to Trader Joe's yesterday

They have plenty of things that the wife can have without causing any of her food issues to flare up.  So we go in, do a little shopping, and as we're going up and down the isles, I see a girl.

Black yoga pants so darn tight that each ass-cheek moved independently.  Purple crop top, black bra, and just a flat out rockin' body  Had I been my young, foolish self I would have been drooling.  But me being my older self, I looked at her face.

Full make-up, to include fake eyelashes.  Foundation, blush, eyeliner, the works.  And a French braid to boot.

The woman who puts on an entire face of make-up, and then dresses in clothing that leaves little to the imagination while shopping at Trader Joe's has got too many issues to even contemplate.  I don't care how rockin' that body was.  I wouldn't dip my wick in that for love or money.

No matter how good a woman looks, there's some guy out there who's sick of her shit.  And I'm willing to bet that girl has a trail of men who are sick of her.


Francis W. Porretto said...

-- No matter how good a woman looks, there's some guy out there who's sick of her shit. --

Truer words were never spoken...but let's include a codicil: There is no long-term relationship so completely harmonious and satisfying that the partners don't occasionally "survey the competition." It's part of the reason we developed eyes.

Ragin' Dave said...

Oh, I looked. But for me to truly survey the competition, I'd have to see how she cooked. And I'm willing to bet that she's a "boxed, bagged, canned and frozen" kinda girl. And my wife is a chef.