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Saturday, June 15, 2019

How many American lives have been lost because Democrats won't allow them to fight to win?

Seriously, how many?

Truman, after convening the National Security Council, also chose not to answer MacArthur’s request for orders. “This present telegram is not to be taken in any sense as a directive. Its purpose is to give you something of what is in our minds.” U.S. troops’ successful resistance would demonstrate that aggression does not pay and would encourage others to believe in America’s pledges of assistance. “We recognize, of course, that continued resistance might not be militarily possible with the limited forces with which you are being called upon to meet large Chinese armies…if we must withdraw from Korea, it [must] be clear to the world that that course is forced upon us by military necessity.” Translated from bureaucratese, the message was: hold on with the forces and restrictions you’ve got, regardless of how many American lives it costs. 
And cost it did. Some three fourths of the Americans killed in Korea died after the U.S. government stopped trying to win the war. Since Truman’s decision taught the world that no-win wars were now the American ruling class’s modus operandi, the cost of three later generations’ wars, including the incalculable toll of domestic decay resulting from Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, should also be added in.

Truman screwed Korea.  Lyin' Bastard Johnson got us into Viet Nam, but wouldn't let us fight to win.  Jimmuh Carter fucked up Iran.  Blow-Job Clinton got Americans massacred in Somalia.  The death count went up in Afghanistan under Obama, and of course he pretty much assured ISIS that it could kill at will and he wouldn't do anything about it.  That doesn't even begin to touch Obama's "red line" in Syria that ended up with untold millions dead.

I am afraid to recommend that anyone join the military, because at some point in the future we will have a Democrat president again, and a Democrat as Commander-in-Chief seems intent on sacrificing American lives in order to impress his globalist buddies, not to actually win a war.

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