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Monday, June 10, 2019

Make them bleed

Oberlin College just got hit with an $11 million judgement for their hatred and bigotry.

Short short version:  An Oberlin College student tried shoplifting from a bakery.  He got caught.  Two other students, friends and lookouts for the shiplifter tried to pull a "WE DINDU NUFFIN" bullshit act, and they were all arrested.  And of course, being Dindu Nuffin's they claimed racism.  However, in court the three students plead guilty to theft and admitted that there was no racial profiling.

Now, here's where it gets really ugly.

In between the time they were arrested and the time they plead guilty, the Dindus ran around the college claiming that the bakery they tried to steal from was racist.  And Oberlin College decided that yes indeed, let's ruin this business for all time because we are nothing but a pack of howling Social Justice Warriors, and ruining the livelihoods of good, honest, hard working people is what we do.

The top link up there goes to Legal Insurrection, which has a great summary of the case and the result.  Needless to say, the cluelessness, arrogance, stupidity and blind knee-jerk reactions of Oberlin College should be Exhibit A on why the university system in America needs to be burned to the ground.  Despite the $11 million verdict, there's no guarantee that the bakery in question is going to be able to continue operating.  So a business that has sustained five generations of the same family will most likely shut down, because the mentally diseased shitbags in charge of Oberlin College wanted to taste blood, so they rounded up a hate-mob and got them some blood.

This is Nazi Germany levels of scapegoating.

Roger Copeland, a retired Oberlin College professor of theater and dance, was in the courtroom and seemed ecstatic after the jury came back with their verdict. Prof. Copeland is somewhat famous in the courtroom for getting this response on a Raimondo text to co-workers after a letter-to-the editor he wrote was critical of the school for their handling of the Gibson’ affair. “Fuck him,” Raimondo responded in a text message about Copeland. “I’d say unleash the students if I wasn’t convinced this needs to be put behind us.” 
“I’m exhilarated by this verdict,” Copeland said, whose wife Michele worked at the school in food service and testified she was under orders by the school to cut the business off from the cafeteria bagels and pastries they provided because of the student unrest. 
“What is most amazing about this trial is that the public was able to see what the process really was in how the school goes about its business,” Copeland said. “It’s almost like the mask has been ripped off the face and we can now see what the face really looks like.”

There are maybe a handful of colleges and universities that are worth going to.  The rest are nothing more than Marxist indoctrination factories that churn out drones who cannot think for themselves.  Oberlin College is a prime example of that.  To hell with them all.

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