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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sound Advice

And it's not even political.

I think that what makes a Soldier a Soldier, and it's both a crowning achievement and the greatest liability, is that they can keep going through unbelievable amounts of damage.  The phrase "Suck it up and drive on!" has been yelled at more troops than can be counted.  And we do.  Until we can't.  And typically by that time, it's too late to prevent the damage from being permanent.

I'm currently sitting here with a jacked-up lower back and a sesamoid bone that's split in half.  And I'm not combat arms anymore.  Those days are long gone, but the Army does what the Army does and you get beat up.  I've had two different doctors warn me that I'll have to stop running.  Do I listen?

Take a guess.

Infantry guys are even worse.  Tankers?  Ever notice how tankers all seem to limp as they get into their thirties?  AIRBORNE!  DEATH FROM ABOVE!  With not a single vertebrae left intact.

I'm thinking we should all take Bill's advice right about now.

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