Day by Day

Friday, March 13, 2020

Every now and then, humanity forgets what it takes to survive. And then it gets hit.

Perfect example - a society struggles when basic things like sanitation get ignored.  Living in filth means risking an epidemic.

So San FranFreakShow allows public defecation and used needles on the streets.  What do you think will happen when Covid-19 hits the streets there?

There's shit on the streets of Seattle.  There's shit and piss all over Los Angeles, because the people there have forgotten some basic facts about life; do not allow drug addicts to shit all over the place.  There's already been Hep A outbreaks in LA and San Diego because of drug addicts shitting in the streets.  That should have been a wake up call.

I do think that there will be quite a few dead from Covid-19 in America.  Many of those deaths will be tragedies, but they will be caused by the absolute refusal to understand basic truths about life.  Covid-19 will be spread by societies that have forgotten what it takes to survive.  Or by people who just don't care, like the drug addicts shitting in the streets.

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