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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I'm dragging ass this week

As I get older, the multitude of 12 hour days repeatedly kicks my ass.  Not having a weekend or a day to get crap done kicks my ass.  Not having a recovery day kicks my ass.  So I apologize for the lack of coherent posting this week, but my ass is kicked.

I'm watching the continuing freak-out about Covid-19.  One of the training summits I was to attend in April has been cancelled.  I have a training later this month, and another in early April that are still on for the time being, but I wonder for how long.

The unit commander (who actually is a medical professional) went on a little diatribe during the last CUB, basically saying that at this point, 90% of the people in that room were going to contract the coronavirus, and of that 90% at least half of them won't even know they have it.  Of the half that actually feel sick, most of them will suffer a sore throat and some sniffles, but that's about it.  A small minority of them will actually have a fever.  And unless you are older or immuno-compromised, the risk of death from this virus is small.  The whole point being, Covid-19 is in America, it's going to spread because people are stupid, but the actual effects will be minimal.  In America.

In other countries where hygiene and sanitation aren't really a thing (like China or Iran), the effects are going to be much worse.  We in America can go by some Thera-Flu, stay home, drink hot tea and recover.  In China, they work you till you drop, then toss you in your front door and seal it behind you.  Health and Nutrition aren't exactly a thing in China, you get me?  Living in a society where people piss and shit in public means your immune system is already overloaded just trying to keep you alive from the toxic crap you're tracking in to your house, and now you add a respiratory virus on top of that?  Bad juju.  Here in America, where only liberal cities allow people to piss and shit in public, the risk is far lower.  In fact, the vast majority of cases that have popped up in America are either contracted overseas and brought back here (as is the case for the people from Utah who came down with it), or it's from people who live in cities where people piss and shit in public.  Seattle, San FranFreakShow, Lost Angeles, etcetera.

Wash your hands.  Avoid places that allow hobo druggies to piss and shit in public.  Don't panic.

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