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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Jorge Bergolio, the Anti-Pope, isn't even hiding it any more.

 This communist sack of vulture vomit is blowing full speed ahead to the new world order.

Instead of working through local churches to connect with local business owners and average people (and maybe preaching the Gospel for a change), he's going to fix the world's wealth inequality by working with the richest global business executives. I'm sure that'll work.

It's just like a career politician named Joe being the man to clean up Washington.

Maybe Jorge Bergolio was too busy canoodling with his child-prostitute-running boyfriend to pay attention to what's actually going on in the world, but the super-rich aren't the ones actually helping anybody.  HAH!  I jest, of course.  Jorge Bergolio knows exactly what is going on, which is why he's going straight ahead to the globalist agenda rather than the Christian agenda.

Who are these Guardians, you ask? Why, just the heads of companies like Mastercard, Salesforce, Dupont, Rothschild, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, Estée Lauder, BP, Bank of America, State Street Corporation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. You know, the people who've been controlling the world for the last century.

Even Forbes was skeptical.

What the sex scandals in the past decades has not accomplished, the reign of the Marxist anti-Pope will:  The destruction of a huge chunk of the Catholic Church.  But this was expected by quite a few people, including Pope Benedict the Sixteenth, the one true Pope of the Catholic Church.  Pope Benedict stated quite a while ago that the Church was going to shrink, to lose members, and would come out stronger on the other end.

Bergolio and his cabal of sodomite drug-addicted perverted Cardinals will drive millions of souls away from the Church.  Bergolio's reward will be in Hell, for all eternity, along side every Cardinal who cares more about getting high and getting a blow job from some Roman twink rather than taking care of the souls entrusted to them.  All we can do as individual members of the Church is pray for her restoration, and most importantly, support the good guys.  Support the people who actually believe, and ensure that the faithful have someone and some place to go to in these troubling times.  

Here's a hint - if the Mass is in Latin, you're probably in a good place.

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