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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Self education

Oh yes.

What I find amazing is that "modern" society is finally getting back to the place it started from.  For centuries, parents have been responsible for teaching their children.  I have some of the old books for English and Grammar for THIRD GRADE, and they're far more complex and advanced than what is being taught in high school today.  The public education system is a complete and total failure.  Tear it down.  WE DO NOT NEED IT.  We need a system that allows children to learn.

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Jim said...

Dave, anyone who sees this and doesn't get choked up with the awareness of the lost potential of all the "educated idiots" in our own country, over the past forty years, is a dolt, a knave, an ingorant lout and many other bad things, besides.

Any teacher who calls him or herself an "educator", has self-eliminated him/herself from the professional pool.

I could take the nation's retired Drill Sergants, Drill Instructors and their Navy counterparts, and utterly transform education in this country. It would be at least a magnitude of order, better than what it is now.

And when I was done with "education", I'd get me some USMC Master Gunnery Sergants, and begin to take on the House of Representatives.

To be followed by Field Grade Officers from all services, but only those with Combat Infantry Badges, two or more tours of Close Air Support as Pilot in Command, USN SEAL officers with proven, operational success and experience and other such officers with related qualifications. All turned lose on the U.S. Senate.

For the Executive, I'd sic every major Command officer going back 30 years on that esteemed office. Not to excluce JCS flag officers, but they're altogether too political on their own. Adding the major command staff into the mix would get a good number of fire-breathing, hard chargers front and center at the Presidential Briefing Podium.

As for the SCOTUS? Give me any nine E-7 First Sergeants, or a mix of those and some First Lieutenants, who are all Mavericks from the enlisted ranks.

Bet they could call the legalities of "balls and strikes" of legal intepretation, as well as any Hahvahd Lawyah on the bench.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX