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Monday, June 27, 2005

An Open Letter to the President

I sure hope that President Bush does read this letter and gives it serious consideration. The only part that I would quibble with would be the part about reinstating the draft. That would give amunition to Bush's political enemies, which is obvious particularly when you notice that the House bill to reinstate the draft was introduced and sponsored by Charles Rangel (D) and the Senate bill to reinstate the draft was introduced and sponsored by Ernest Fritz Hollings (D) in the months leading up to last November's election. Rather than do that, redeploy the troops currently in Germany, & Korea. If Kim Jong Il invades South Korea then use a sub and turn Pyongyang into a small sea of black glass. To be honest, so long as we can prevent their export of nukes and bio-weapons and counterfeit dollars and heroin, I don't see North Korea as a threat. Besides, the South Koreans don't seem to want us there. Furthermore, Kim Jong Il seems to get upset when he's being ignored, so I say ignore the little peckerhead. Why should we have to take psycho dictators seriously, anyway? He's just killing his own people (for now). According to Demonrats, we're supposed to leave those types alone. Granted, the Syrians are rumored to be working on something with Kim Jong, but if we wax Syria, problem solved (for now), besides our intelligence info is ... um ... problematic. Anywho, the main problem in Iraq seems to be border control right now. It's them foreign Jihadis looking to blow up little Iraqi girls we gotta stop. Within Iraq, the key mission would seem to be lowering our profile and working behind the scenes to support and train the Iraqi military. (Announcing a withdrawal timeline is retarded, and is just part of the Demonrat agenda to defeat Bush by making the war effort a failure.) As the author of the open letter points out, if we lose this war it won't be due to a lack of firepower, it will be from a lack of will. The battle that is being lost, a battle that could easily turn the War on Terrorism and ultimately bring it back to our own turf, is not the battle for Iraq but the battle being fought right here in the USA. Osama knows this. It is why he went on tv and appealed to American voters last fall, threatening us with death if we voted for Bush, even suggesting that blue states would be spared the coming rain of terror (*laugh*). Osama and Zarqawi have been using the media as if CNN and NYT were on the al Qaeda payroll. The evidence is overwhelming - somebody ought to write a book. Journalists do not represent the people, and their agendas are easily exposed when one occasionally takes the time to look. (Unfortunately, most of us don't bother to find out for ourselves and just believe what we're told or whatever fits conveniently within our existing worldview.) The national/international media is on the side of the enemy. We need to fight back. Don't buy papers or publications that hate America. Don't buy products that sponsor anti-American news outlets like CBS, CNN, NYT & Newsweak. They have been in the process of tearing down this country since the 1960's. (CNN had a late start but they sure did make up for lost time, didn't they?)

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