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Friday, January 13, 2012

Todays Leftist Hyperventilation du jour

Marines urinate on dead Taliban - wailing and rending of garments follows.

Folks?  Let the Marines piss on the corpses any time they want to.  And then videotape it and broadcast that to the world.  In fact, bury the corpses underneath the piss tubes that troops use, and make a video of you burying them and putting the piss tubes on top.  Videotape every swinging dick in the battalion pissing on the corpses of the Taliban.  Hell, charge the troops a dollar to use those specific piss tubes and you'd be rolling in the dough.

And it still wouldn't be a fraction as barbaric as the Taliban are themselves.

It's about time the West stopped whining about insignificant shit.  Man up, you fucking babies.  We are fighting seventh century barbarians who like to rape little girls who's fathers are friendly to Americans.  We are dealing with barbaric savages who like to cut the heads off of children if their parents ever helped the Americans.  There are no words in the English language to describe the brutality of the Taliban, and what they've done to the people of Afghanistan.  And you want to get upset because some Marines pissed on their corpses?

Pissing on their corpses is the LEAST of what they deserve.


Owain said...

Given that probably only minutes before, these same insurgent rat bastards had probably been trying to kill the very same Marines, I don't think it's surprising behavior. They just finished filling these guys full of rifle and machine gun fire, and you're worried about them getting pissed on.

Hell, ship 'em back here. I'll take a leak on 'em myself. Not only that, I wouldn't mind an opportunity to a pinch a loaf off on 'em while I'm at it.

howardfrombroward said...

our brave marines are not peons. they are pee-ons.