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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hot Air has a piece from Tim Pawlenty about just who needs to make a few sacrifices.

Americans have sacrificed enough; it’s time for government to sacrifice for a change. When Washington Democrats talk about balancing the budget, they speak gravely about painful choices and sacrifice — but what they mean is tax increases. In other words, we sacrifice so they can spend.
The article then goes on to describe how the Democrats will not even pass a friggin' BUDGET this year.  Complete and total failure.  Complete and total abdication of responsibility.  And they'll whine and snivel and cry and try to blame someone else just like they always do.

And I'm just sitting here, rubbing my forehead and waiting for the shooting to start.  Quite serious here, folks.  When the people in charge are actively trying to run this country into the ground as hard and as fast as they possibly can, what other outcome can there be?  When the elected leaders of this country are so anti-American that they deny the plain language of the US Constitution, lie repeatedly to their constituents who then re-elect them, and act as if they've been crowned king, what other options are there?  If Nancy Pelosi kicked the bucket tomorrow, the city of San Fransicko would elect someone just as dumb, just as crooked, just as corrupt, just as moronic, just as anti-American as she is.  Because the city of San Fransicko is going to elect someone who represents them, in all ways.  Just like everyone else does.

Bah.  I'll be over here sighting in my deer rifle.

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