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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Feast

1548 Eastern : We're eating egg rolls now.

1640 Eastern : Tortilla chips with bean dip. Shrimp are steaming.

1715 Eastern : Shrimps, cheese fries. Starting to bloat.

1739 Eastern : Cheese fries gone. Shrimps weren't very good. Pork chili is about a half hour off.

I think this game will be decided in the first quarter. The Eagles will arrive full of adrenalin, the Patriots all business. The key will be whether the Eagles use their adrenalin to fuel big plays or whether it uses them to make big mistakes. I look for all of the game's key turnovers to happen early on - whether the Eagles commit them or force them will decide the Super Bowl.

1809 Eastern : Chili is up now. Fresh cilantro really makes the grade. Yeah. And a bottle of Chianti just opened. Let's get it started.

1820 Eastern : Near-showtime. Hey now!

2101 Eastern : Death grip defensive football. Who will make the first mistake?

2111 Eastern: Looks like the money is on New England - hard to miss a pick play THAT obvious.

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