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Monday, March 18, 2019

Homosexuality in religion

Here's a rather good summation of why SJWs are destroying religion and churches in America.

They don’t want only to be accepted in a congregation–that acceptance is reality throughout the nation–they want everyone to agree with their abolishment of the sin of homosexuality.  Yet even that is not enough.  They want to be universally praised for their courage and virtue in living the very sin they seek to abolish, and they want everyone else to pay for it. 
Those with doctrinal arguments with a given denomination can easily seek another congregation, or another denomination. In so doing, they force nothing on others, they take none of their resources, and their fidelity in following God’s word is between them and God.  But those who seek to transform a congregation, the beliefs of a denomination, or of Christianity, by force, will quickly discover the real meaning of disapproval, and like us all, will have to answer to God. 
This is personal weakness and socialist politics. It’s not wise to try to include God in that.

Any church that openly embraces homosexuality is going to eventually fail.  You cannot claim to be a house of God while simultaneously endorsing the very actions that God has called a sin.   The Episcopal Church threw their lot in with homosexuality, and divorced themselves from God in order to do so.  The Episcopal Church used to have quite a bit of clout in America.  Nowadays, they're spending more to maintain empty churches than they are taking in through tithing.  The Social Justice Warriors love the Episcopal Church now, but that does't translate into people actually going to church.  The love of modern society is ephemeral and meaningless.  The love of God is solid as a rock and unchanging, because God is unchanging.

When you divorce yourself from God in order to embrace modern society, the result is death.  The Methodists just ducked that bullet, but if they don't remain strong they'll suffer the same fate.

The Catholic Church in America is also dying off for much the same reason.  Vatican 2 essentially turned Catholic Churches into protestant ones, and if there's no real difference in how you treat God, people will just....  drift away.  Couple that with an onslaught of effeminate gay priests, and you have a recipe for driving people out of the pews in droves.  Men will not take their families to be lectured to by a lisping, limp-wristed Social Justice Warrior.

It should come as no surprise that the fastest growing areas in the Catholic Church, the ONLY areas that are experiencing growth, are the traditional orders.  Masses in Latin.  Nuns in habits.  Love of God, clearly expressed and modern SJW morals rejected.  There's a lesson there, if anyone cares to learn it.


pigpen51 said...

I am a Christian, and I do have a problem not with the idea that homosexuality is a sin, but with the idea that homosexuality is a worse sin than any other. The verse in James 2:10 tells us - For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.
It is worth reading the context of this verse, as it gives a much better idea of what it is teaching. But the idea is that just because you don't commit the sin of homosexual behavior, and yet you lie to your spouse, it is as if you have committed the sin of homosexual behavior in God's eyes. Because a sin is simply a sin, there is no difference.
However, there is one thing that is this: Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
And of course, again it is always good to check the context of this verse. But what it shows is that God loves us not when we are somehow sinless, or perfect, or even heterosexual only. He loves us while we are still sinners.
Again, I have no problem with the idea that homosexual is a sin. I am a married man ( to a woman- I am not gay), and have never been gay.
That is one problem with some fundamental churches. They will preach the well known verses from :
Ephesians 2.
8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.
They claim that it is only by the Grace of God that we are forgiven, and then will turn around and live like they are trying to work their way into heaven. I know that there is no way that I could ever be good enough to earn my way into God's grace, other than through His forgiveness. That is what sinners like myself count on.

Ragin' Dave said...

The problem with homosexuality is that homosexuals have a higher rate of child abuse than heterosexuals. This is recorded fact. Now, follow the bouncing ball, if you will.

Homosexuals have a higher rate of being pedophiles and child abusers.
Many children who are sexually molested will in turn become molesters as they get older.

So the greater sin isn't just in homosexuality, it's in the fact that their sin, openly expressed, can perpetrate the sin later on in other people. In fact, many homosexuals admit that their first sexual experience was with a much older man. I've written before about Moira Greyland and her book. Here's the pertinent quote to this topic:

What sets gay culture apart from straight culture is the belief that early sex is good and beneficial, and the sure knowledge (don’t think for a second that they DON’T know) that the only way to produce another homosexual is to provide a boy with sexual experiences BEFORE he can be “ruined” by attraction to a girl.

Can straights molest kids? Yep. But they do it at a lower rate to homosexuals, because homosexuality itself is a disorder. I personally believe that homosexuality is a disorder caused by a trauma that the person experienced, be it physical, mental or emotional. I've worked with multiple counselors/pastors/etc who are of mind that homosexuality also stems from a lack of male guidance in their life, which explains why the rate of homosexuality among black males in America is on the rise.

In either case, time after time you see that people who engage in homosexuality not only sin, but encourage others to sin even more, and are a risk to victimize even other people. And I think that's why it's a sin that cries to heaven.

pigpen51 said...

I hope that my comment doesn't give the impression that I excuse sin. Or that God's grace is a license to sin. Because I of course know that the Apostle Paul said Should I sin, so that I can get more of God's grace? God forbid!

I hate sin of any kind, as that is what sent Christ to the cross. But I just find that there is danger when you start to pick and choose what sin is a " bad" sin and what sin is not so bad. I think you can probably see why, just as I of course can see exactly what you are pointing out, and can even agree with you, to a certain extent.

We are on the same side, and hopefully, we believe in the same God. I certainly know that I have been known to be mistaken about a lot of things, and if I am wrong about this, I hope that I am not hurting anyone by raising this line of thought. Of course, you are not hurting me by trying to explain your stance, and showing me some of your reasons.

I do wonder about men who abuse young girls, if it causes these young girls to eventually become sexually confused. Of course I know they can be harmed for life, by sex abuse at any age, as I have know a few women who were affected by this.

Ragin' Dave said...

I didn't think you were excusing sin at all. I was just making the point that yes, some sins are worse than others.