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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Fox News is on the way to becoming yet another Cuck-driven dumpster fire

How in the hell do you hire Donna Brazile, Fox?  How?  Just who the hell do you think is giving you your good ratings?  Do we need yet another DNC plant to lecture us on how we're a bunch of white homophobic nazis who rape women and then stop them from getting abortions?

How in the hell do you hire a woman who gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton and got fired from CNN as a result?  Is Fox news in such dire straits that they need to pick up the cast-offs from a network that is essentially the DNC propaganda organ?  A DNC propaganda organ who fired Brazile for being too in the tank for the Democrats!  Ugh.

Fox News is going to give a masterclass in how to destroy a brand. Those of us who used to consume Fox News Channel cannot even go to Fox Business Network since the bigwigs have threatened to have her on there too. It’s groovy Fox. You don’t want us. We don’t want you either. We will take our eyeballs, our clicks and our ad dollars and go elsewhere. Somewhere we are loved and respected.

Well said, Mrs. Williams.

Might I suggest One America News Network?  They seem to understand that being Democrat-Lite isn't a winning proposition. 


OC said...

Dave, when you consider the fact that Disney now owns FOX, there is not a question which direction they are heading in.


Ragin' Dave said...

You could see the writing on the wall when they hired Marie Harf, one of the most noxious, snotty members of the Obama administration. Hiring Brazile was just the turd dressing on a shit sammich.