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Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Busy Day

Hey, I got most of yesterday to relax.  And eat.  The Ragin' Mrs. made an awesome pork trifecta that just blew our collective minds.  A pork loin, butterflied out, our home-made bratwurst cut out of it's casing and spread over the loin, apples chopped up and spread on the bratwurst, then the whole thing rolled up and covered with our own bacon.  Then baked.

People, I can't friggin' tell you just how awesome that was.

Anyways, today we're preparing for the grand opening of Dave's hippy experience.  So lots of prep and baking going on.  Y'all have fun doing whatever you do.  And check out the House of Eratosthenes piece, Liberal Men are wimps who can't handle a real woman.  Which pretty much sums it all up.

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Adrienne said...

Ok - so I just told my husband what your wife made and he made me repeat it just because he like hearing it and then............promptly said, "Are you going to make it?"

Since I'm Italian, I think I'll substitute Italian sausage.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!