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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nope, ain't buying it

This whole "We have to be better than them!" line is why the GOP got Trump.

Amidst the schadenfreude of Hillary Clinton’s defeat and the rebuke of progressive predictions of a new age dominated by their chosen, sometimes bizarre, new mores, we need to be careful. Perhaps Clinton’s most effective ad against Trump was the one in which children watched his uncouth statements on television. I say this as a dad who has to explain to my son why the President-elect is calling people rude names, when I teach him that is wrong. 
A big part of what conservatives are meant to conserve is decency, decorum, and respect. We should oppose shouting expletives at those we disagree with. We should oppose public shaming and boycotts. We should oppose cruel mockery as a legitimate means to achieve our ends.

Absolute horseshit.  Cruel Mockery is an effective weapon.  Just ask the GOP establishment, who curl up into the fetal position, wet their pants and suck their thumbs at the merest hint of mockery.

Fuck being nice.  Nice means you lose.  Nice means that you stand around saying "B-b-b-but I was bipartisan!" while the commie fuckhead Democrats shit all over this country and wipe their asses with the US Constitution.  Nice gets you locked out of any position of power while the Marxist shitwad Democrats destroy right after right after right of the ordinary people.  Nice destroys this country while the nice guys sit around bewildered that the lying shitlib Democrats would actually lie and go back on their word.

Remember that when people ask "What would Jesus do?", fashioning a whip, throwing tables around and flogging people is absolutely an option.  Sometimes you have to be mean for Jesus.  Because otherwise you end up trying to explain to your kids (if you're allowed contact with them, what with the re-education camps and all) how the USA managed to go from a Beacon of Freedom to a Marxist hellhole in a generation.

All you Christians out there, let me put it to you this way.  You say that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.  The Satanists worship the Prince of Darkness, and they want you to be nice, and meet them halfway.  Why can't you blaspheme against Christ just a little bit?  Try denying him on Wednesdays, or maybe twice a week?  Why be so mean?  You need to be nice!

I'm willing to bet that if it came down to being nice and worshipping Satan, or not being nice and remaining true to your faith, you wouldn't be very nice at all.

Why should I be nice to people who want to destroy the rule of law in this country?  Why should I be nice to people who want to shred the Constitution and abrogate the rights it enshrines?  Why should I be nice to people who would kills us, enslave us, or intern us if they had half a chance?



Adrienne said...

It seems like today just about everyone (including me) agrees with you.

Ragin' Dave said...

Yep. Being nice and playing by the rules only works when both sides do it. Take a look at the screaming, incoherent rage that the Left has been displaying ever since November 9th. Does that look like nice, rule-following people? Hell no. If you're being all nice and proper while the other side is using scorched earth tactics, that means you're playing a sucker's game and you're going to lose.

Being nice means they get what they want while we eat shit. So screw being nice.

Gary Griffin said...

We are better than them. We are less emotional, more logical and better armed.
We are more independent, more qualified at almost everything and better armed.
We are more resilient, more likely to succeed and way better armed. We are what comes after.