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Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Alternatives

In the local paper today, there was an article about a STEM academy being opened up in Northern Idaho.  STEM, for those who don't know, stands for Science, Technology, Electronics and Mathematics.  In short, it's a school designed to teach the hard sciences that aren't being taught in the Publik Skool Sistim.  And it's a charter school, so it doesn't fall under the school administration in this area.  Much to the STEM Academy's benefit.

I have to wonder; just what would my life have looked like if I had been given the chance to go to a STEM academy instead of being tortured with four years of hell courtesy of the government-run schools?


Razors said...

I saw the rapper from Black Eyed Peas talking about these organizations and how her has donated a lot of funds to the cause.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky and had several years of sundry shop and math classes in Jr. and Sr. Hah Skrule. They turned out to be a good basis for two years of Tech. School (Boatbuilding). At which trade I made a very comfortable living my whole working life. I'm now 68, retired at 57, and enjoying every lovin' minute of it.

I can't decide which was the most beneficial, shop or math. Both were definitely worth my while.

Gerry N.

Celebrate Homogeneity said...

Electronics? I thought the E was engineering.

Ragin' Dave said...

Could be. I may have mis-heard it. I was somewhat busy when the topic came up.