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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day: Tossing out bait edition

Doing a little surfing this morning, and I ran across my quote of the day at Washington Rebel:

If an old hand like me tells you we have driven ourselves mad as hatters with dope -- and turned ourselves into women (marijuana's chief attribute) -- there will always be a Libertarian pansy on hand to excuse that. Like any inmate in an insane asylum, you Libetarians really think you're fascinating. You're not.
And no, I don't agree with his whole post, but damn if he doesn't nail at least one of my chief complaints regarding dope.

And looking at my tabs that are open, it was a chain of Day by Day, Mind-Numbed Robot, Caught Him with a Corndog, and then Washington Rebel.  My brain really does work like that on a regular basis.  Sometimes I think I have ADOLS.  Attention Deficit OOO LOOK SHINEY!


Buzz said...

Yeah, if the Libertarian party wasn't highjacked by potheads obsessed with legalizing drugs and homosexuals trying to force everyone to give them special consideration instead of just tolerance, I'd be in.

Chris Muir said...

Shiny! Shiny! Is there anything better?

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the Linkage.

I guess you know I'm trying to push a point. It's like everyone went to sleep about 1975.

I say, Let's wake the Bastards up.

Ragin' Dave said...

Thank you for writing! I've said for a while that we haven't even begun to see the damage from long term marijuana use. We're just starting to see it now, as the children of drug users are having kids of their own, and are unable to parent because THEIR parents never did the job either. It's amazing how little you can be a parent when you're high.

CM: Better than shiny? It doesn't exist! Shiny is DA BOMB!

robot said...

Thanks for the link!

Goober said...

It almost sounds like you are missing the point. I self-identify as a libertarian, but am not a member of the smoke-a-joint-a-day libertarian party. The party has, i'll admit, been hijacked by drug-addled hippies, who look at the war on drugs as a war on personal freedom because they want to do drugs.

Myself, on the other hand, and others like me, look at the war on drugs as a war on personal freedom because I can't think of a single reason one why the government should have anything to do with the rational choices of a rational adult, no matter how much it hurts them or makes them into a woman or whatever.

Smoking hurts people. People die every day because they smoke, and it ruins a man's ability to run, jump, climb, and fight, making him, in my opinion, less of a man (because a man's job is to do all of these things).

Can we agree that the government shouldn't be in the business of saving smokers from their bad choices? Why is drugs any different?

Ragin' Dave said...

Here's my problem with that line of reasoning, Goober - drug use doesn't just hurt the user. If you want proof, look at the children of said drug users, including alcoholics because I have no problem lumping them in with the other drug addicts. While smoking has it's health risks, those risks fall on the user itself. I have yet to hear about a baby getting it's toes chewed off by the family dog while mommy was tweaked out on nicotine. I have, however, heard about that same situation when mommy was high on heroin.

I don't think anyone would advocate for people getting as drunk as they possibly can and going about their daily life. Yet that's exactly what you're advocating for when you say that drugs should be legal.