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Friday, November 22, 2019

Eco-Freaks try to destroy yet another forest

Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits.

BOISE, Idaho — The U.S. Forest Service is ignoring a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling by restarting a giant forest project in Idaho, say environmental groups that have filed another lawsuit seeking to stop the project a second time.

First of all, let's take a look at that paragraph of journalistic malpractice, shall we?  What's the first thing people see?  That the US Forest Service is ignoring a court ruling.  Are they actually doing that?  No, that's just what a group of Proggie Eco-Freaks says, but if they were actually ignoring a court ruling there would be no second lawsuit.  If they were ignoring a court ruling, there would be punitive action taken.  Since there is no punitive action taken, the US Forest Service is following whatever terms the court laid down previously.

So we have lies from the Proggie Eco-Freaks and misleading statements by the press.  Who are probably also Proggie Eoc-Freaks.

The project has a combination of commercial logging, prescribed burning and recreation improvements such as additional trail maintenance and installing bathrooms. Also planned are habitat improvements for federally protected bull trout and northern Idaho ground squirrel. 
But the environmental groups say the project comes at the expense of wildlife habitat and turns the public forest into a tree farm to benefit timber interests.

"Timber interests".  That would be logging, the sort of thing that allows all the Proggie Eco-Freaks to move up to Boise and Salt Lake City and Coeur d'Alene and have illegal aliens build their houses while sneering at the locals for not being enlightened Proggie Eco-Freaks.

In short the Proggie Eco-Freaks want the forests to stand there and die, until a lighting strike causes catastrophic wildfires that sterilize the soil and make sure nothing grows there for decades.  Due to a lack of forest management, the western forests are already dealing with a pine beetle outbreak that's killing trees for miles, and the Douglas Fir are dealing with a virus that spreads through root contact.  And when trees are packed in because the forests haven't been managed, there's lots of root contact.  If the crowns of the trees are touching, the roots are touching, so Douglas Firs have been dying off all over the West.  The Nez Perce National Forest is full of dead trees.  The Sawtooth National Forest is full of dead trees.  Every National Forest in the west is full of dead trees, because Proggie Eco-Freaks like the Alliance for the Wild Rockies block any effort to manage the forests, and yes that includes logging them.

But the Alliance for the Wild Rockies doesn't give a shit about any of that, because the people running the Alliance for the Wild Rockies don't have to deal with that.  They don't live in the middle of it.  They don't have family members laid off because the timber industry is getting shut down.  They just jet in, spend some time in an expensive cabin that someone else maintains, and then jet out, full of smug, moral superiority about how much better they are than those lesser people like loggers and ranchers and farmers.

Fucking bastards should be forced to live in the damn forests that they claim to care about.

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