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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kind of in my backyard

Up North, anyway.  In that nebulous land they call "NoVa".  Which is completely ironic when you consider the story.

In the aftermath of the brutal beating and death of a teenage Muslim girl in Virginia, liberal activists and some civil rights organizations rushed to frame the killing as a hate crime. 
Already teetering, the narrative collapsed completely Tuesday, when new details about Torres’ background emerged in media reports. As it turns out, Torres allegedly killed Hassanen not because he didn’t “accept” Muslim Americans, but because he is a suspected gang member with a history of violence toward women. 
A week before Torres was arrested for the murder, he allegedly beat and sexually assaulted a Loudoun County woman, according to a Child Protective Services report shared with the Washington Post. The woman told emergency room staff that a man punched and kicked her in the presence of a child, and that the assailant, whom she declined to identify by name, was a member of the violent MS-13 street gang. 
Authorities were able to identify Torres as the attacker in that incident, following his arrest for Hassanen’s murder. As the WaPo article noted, the CPS report confirms that Torres has previously committed violent acts “unrelated to a hate crime motivation.”

So to whit - a violent illegal alien hispanic criminal gang-member thug who should have never been in this country to begin with beats a woman to death, and the Left is still trying to somehow make it Whitey's fault.

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