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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Shield of "Moral Authority"

The Democrat American Communist Party loves their "Moral Authority". Cindy Sheehan using the grave of her dead son to push the Left's agenda. They loved it. Because if you dared point out that Sheehan was wrong, Saddam needed to be removed, then the Left could smear you by claiming that you attacked a "grieving" mother.

I truly do believe that Cindy Sheehan grieved. And then she stopped grieving and used her dead son's body to claim her 15 minutes of fame, pushing an anti-war agenda hand-written by the Democrat American Communist Party.

The Democrat American Communist Party's cry of "BUT IT'S FOR THE CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILDRENNNNNNNNNNN!" has become a cliche of galactic proportions. They'll push some kid out in front of a TV camera to push their agenda, and when you point out that their agenda won't do a damn thing but transfer more money and power to the State, they'll go into hysterics. "HOW DARE YOU ATTACK A CHILD!" they cry. Well, if the Left would stop using children as shield to push their anti-American agenda, there'd be no need for a child to even be in the field of fire, would there?

Case in point: Michelle Malkin is now being attacked for pointing out that the people who the Democrat American Communist Party brought forth to push their health-care agenda are not exactly people who need to be on the government dole. He owns his own business. He literally owns the physical building it resides in. He's got a nice house. Two of his kids to go a $20k a year private academy.

And yet he wants you and I to pay for his children's health care. I don't own a nice house. I don't own a personal business. I own ten acres of undeveloped land in Idaho, and that's it. Financially I have several thousands of dollars in investments for when I retire, but I certainly don't have anywhere near $100,000 in assets anywhere.

But the government wants to pull money out of my paycheck to pay for this family's healthcare? I don't think so.

However, point out that it's not the public's job to pay for other people's healthcare, and the response from the Left is "YOU JUST WANT KIDS TO DIE, YOU GREEDY BASTARD!" Pure emotionalism, no rationality. Perfect hallmarks of the political Left, period.

Point out that people making good money should pay for their own healthcare, or perhaps get insurance, and you have people putting up your home address and telephone number so that your enemies can find where to fire-bomb.

Her address has now been removed by that website, by the way. Not because they have any morals, but because someone else is getting ready to do a "hit piece" on Malkin, and they don't want Michelle to be able to play the "victim" card.

Yeah. Real ethical. What a schmuck. But that's the Left today - morally rotten to the core. Let's be clear: PUTTING YOUR SCRIPT INTO A CHILD'S HANDS IS THE SICKEST THING YOU CAN DO. HIDING BEHIND CHILDREN IS THE ACT OF A WEAK, COWARDLY, DESPICABLE, MENTALLY DEFICIENT GROUP. The arguments for government run health care, government mandated health insurance, or anything else that involves the words "government" and "health" are so weak that they simply cannot stand up to real scrutiny. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can see just what happens once the government gets it's hands on health care. So rather than debate their intentions, they use children to hide behind, and then shriek like a scalded cat when it's pointed out that their arguments don't hold water. "HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU! HE'S A CHILD!" Yes, but he's a child that the Democrat American Communist Party has put forth as their standard-bearer. The Democrat American Communist Party has put forth this child as their front man.

On the right, we have millions of people who have observed the failures of socialized medicine around the world, and have stated "We do not want that here." On the left, you have unhinged loons shrieking "YOU HATE THE CHILDREN! YOU HATE THE CHILDREN!"

I support lower taxes for families with children. I support lower taxes for small businesses. I support ending the death tax. I support allowing families to make their own decisions regarding their health care, their health insurance or the lack thereof. I cannot and will not support taking money from everyone to pay for health care for someone else. If you take money from me via threat of imprisonment, and then give it to someone else to pay for dental work, surgery, or any other medical procedure, IT IS STILL THEFT. And worse yet, we now have some government bean-counter deciding who gets what surgery! You think it can't happen? You haven't been paying attention. Scroll down to the fourth blurb. "Smokers denied NHS treatment" When the government pays for health care, the government gets to decide who gets treated.

No thank you. Not if I have anything to say about it.

But bring that up in response to the Left's attempt at "Moral Authority", and you get labeled as Satan, ready to eat babies alive.

The Democrat American Communist Party is bankrupt morally and intellectually. This is just more proof.

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