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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pay Rod

Alex Rodriguez is oh-fer-what now in the playoffs?

I remember when he left Seattle. "Oh, I love Seattle. I want to play in Seattle. I don't want to go anywhere else." And then the Texas Rangers said "We'll pay you flaming assloads of cash." And Rodriguez said "See ya later suckers, I'm going to Texas! YEEE HAW!" At least Ken Griffy Jr. had the balls to say "I want to go home. I'm leaving, and it don't care how much money you throw at me." And then he backed it up. If I recall correctly, Jr. took a pay cut to go play for the Reds.

The only thing Pay-Rod cares about is the cash. Which means he's not going to win a World Series, because he doesn't care about that. I remember watching the Mariners lose a playoff series back in Ninety-something, and when the last out was called, and the season was over, Joey Cora was crying. Jr. was down in the dumps. Pay-Rod? Meh. He had a look on his face like "Oh well, let's go home." He sure was smiling when he got all that cash in 2000, but he wasn't too broken up about losing a playoff series with the Mariners.

Ever notice how a team with Alex Rodriguez on it has never won the World Series? Yeah. The year after Pay-Rod left the Mariners, they won 116 games. Coincidence? I don't theenk so, Lucy. As far as I'm concerned, the Yankees can go ahead and keep Pay-Rod on their roster. It'll just guarantee that they won't win the big one until he's retired. Any post-season wins are despite the presence of Pay-Rod, not because of it.

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