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Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh dear......

It seems that Ann Coulter has the Left in a screaming fit once again. Not like it's that hard for her. All she has to do is continue breathing and various Leftists go into screaming fits.

Anyways, Coulter made the statement that she believes that Christians are "perfected Jews" and that she wants people to convert to Christianity.

OK. And? As Mr. Poretto states so eloquently:

It's in the nature of religious conviction that one believes one's selected faith to be preferable to all the alternatives. Of course Christians believe Christianity is superior to Judaism -- and therefore, by implication too obvious to require further development, that the world would be a better place if everyone were a sincerely believing Christian. A religious Jew would believe precisely the opposite. A Buddhist would say both of them had lost the Way, and a Muslim would be sharpening his box cutter scimitar. To take offense at the obvious is the mark of one who is either too clueless to cross the street unassisted or eager to find a pretext for slander.

What really astounds me is that Leftists who find Christianity so horrible have no problem shilling for Islam at every opportunity. I guess it's because a Christian tries to convert you with words. A Muslim will convert you at the end of a sword.

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