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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Ralph Reiland rants about Eurosclerosis.

In its early stages, the chief symptom of the disease is a blockage of the entrepreneurial spirit, generally brought on by excessive doses of centralized planning and anti-capitalist trade unionism. By the end of the line, with the life squeezed out of the business sector by bloated government bureaucracies, high taxation and near-zero incentives for performance, the politicians try to pump some life back into the system through the magic of public subsidies for ever-expanding make-work projects.

Lena Skarninga, 33, is a practicing witch in Norway. The Associated Press reported that the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund awarded Ms. Skarninga a small-business grant of $7,453 to spread her magic to residents in the forest of Nord-Odal, a region about 100 miles north of Oslo.
Peep it!

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