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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Time to find that REMF and air-drop him into Iraq

Preferably without a parachute.

For those who don't know, REMF is a derogatory term, meaning Rear Echelon Mother F***er. It's used to describe an idiot who sits in the rear with the gear, but thinks he can make decisions for those who are fighting up front. And I guaran-god-damned-tee that's what's going on here.

The Army has filed a criminal assault charge against an American officer who coerced an Iraqi into providing information that foiled a planned attack on U.S. soldiers.

Lt. Col. Allen B. West says he did not physically abuse the detainee, but used psychological pressure by twice firing his service weapon away from the Iraqi. After the shots were fired, the detainee, an Iraqi police officer, gave up the information on a planned attack around the northern Iraqi town of Saba al Boor.
An Army official at the Pentagon confirmed to The Washington Times yesterday that Col. West has been charged with one count of aggravated assault. A military source said an Article 32 hearing has been scheduled in Iraq that could lead to the Army court-martialing Col. West and sending him to prison for a maximum term of eight years.

This is insane. The Lt. Col. in all seriousness saved the lives of his men by getting this information. The same limp-dicked pisswads who whine about how many lives are being lost (even though these same limp-dicked pisswads have never served in the military, much less know anything about what you must do to stay alive) are now the people whining and sniveling about methods used in order to save American soldiers.

An informant reported that there was an assassination plot against Col. West, an artillery officer working with the local governing council in Saba al Boor. On Aug. 16, guerrillas attacked members of the colonel's unit who were on their way to Saba al Boor.
An informant told the soldiers that one person involved in the attack was a town policeman. Col. West sent two sergeants to detain the policeman, who was placed in a detention center near the Taji air base. The interrogators had no luck at first, so Col. West decided to take over the questioning.

So his unit had already suffered an attack, and he knew that one person involved was in a position of authority in the town? Do I really have to make clear why THIS IS A BAD THING?!?!?!?! Tell you what, let's get another opinion on this, shall we? Mr. du Toit, if you would?

This Iraqi Bastard was a policeman -- someone we put into a position of authority and trusted to uphold the law, and who repaid our trust by supporting terrorist scum. Fuck him, fuck his family, and fuck his entire village. Had this been me, the Iraqi Bastard would have a Pavlovian aversion to car batteries and jumper cables for the rest of his fucking life. Yes, that's how important it would be to me to keep my soldiers safe and alive.

Kim must be in a good mood. Because let me tell you what should happen to that fucker. Kill him slowly. Then hunt down his family and kill them. Burn his house to the ground, salt the earth, and spread pig guts over the smoking remains. And then hang this terrorist supporting filth's twisted, tortured body over the remains, and let the birds and dogs eat what's left of his worthless corpse. Once that is completed, climb to the top of an M1 Abrahms tank and take a good long healthy piss on anything that's left.

As for the Col., he saved the lives of his troops and outed a terrorist supporting policeman. That deserves a fucking medal, not a Chapter hearing! Whoever made that discision should be dumped into the Col.'s place, handed a rifle, and told "Here you go, you gutless piece of shit, walk your happy ass into the war zone and see what happens". The people who deride this officer have never been in his shoes, and wouldn't know what to do if they WERE in his shoes. You cannot play paddy-cake with terrorists, you idiotic twits! I'm so pissed off I'm shaking right now. This officer should be re-instated as soon as possible, preferably YESTERDAY!

Let me see if I can impress on you the importance of this, from a grunt's perspective. A soldier who's putting his life on the line has to take several things for granted. First and foremost is that his leaders are looking out for him. A soldier will do just about anything as long as he knows that he's not being put into harms way for no good reason. A soldier will also work his butt off for leadership that he feels is deserving of respect. When an officer goes through such lengths in order to prevent an attack on his troops, he gains the respect of those troops. I'll wager that his unit would have marched into hell for Lt. Col. West after what he did. When you punish West for his actions, actions which prevented his troops from DYING, what are you saying to those troops? Let me give you a hint:

"The US values the life of a terrorist supporting traitor more than the lives of American Soldiers."

You're not just saying that to the troops, you're practically shouting it in their faces! How many of those troops do you think will re-up now? Knowing that the USA would rather let a terrorist supporting traitor be happy and comfortable than American troops be alive? And knowing that it's some snot-nosed, limp-dicked, un-tested REAR ECHELON MOTHER FUCKER who's pressing charges makes me pissed off even more. Some slimey little puke who isn't fit to spit-shine Col. West's boots. Some maggot who's never been fired at. Worthless, horrible, miserable, ill-gotten vermin who will hurt West's unit in more ways than he can imagine. THIS is the legacy that Clinton left the military, folks. Horrid REMF bastards who care more about terrorists than Americans.

Put West back in command, and kick this REMF out.

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