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Monday, October 27, 2003

Protestors Galore

There are two things that amaze me more than all else in this world:

a) when Philadelphians, faced with job loss, street crime, and failed public education, flock to the polls to elect another Democrat, and

b) protestors.

I was looking for some pics from the "anti-war" protest in DC so I went to Yahoo! Photos and searched for "protest".

Lo and behold: 797 pictures were found.

797 pictures of protest. Protestors, protestors, protestors. I have never seen so many protestors in all my natural born days. So many protestors.

In Hong Kong, they're protesting cuts of social programs due to budgetary shortfalls.

In London, it's students opposing "top up" fees on tuition. I presume that means a tax on students.

In Indonesia, it's about "sending female workers overseas". What does that mean?

In Pakistan, they are protesting Indian rule in Kashmir. And vice versa.

Also in London, they're protesting South Africa's inaction regarding human right abuses in Zimbabwe.

And in New Dehli, Indians protest that China abuses Tibet.

In Australia, they're protesting the shipment of nuclear waste to France. (( This, personally, I celebrate. ))

In Teheran, they're pissed that Iran is caving to the UN's calls for inspections.

In Chile? Higher wages.

In Turkey? Government control of universities.

In Belgrade? A Serbian police general has been indicted for war crimes.

In Rome? Pension reform.

Lima? Housing for the poor.

Managua? University funding.

Gaza? Take a wild guess.

Philly? "Ghettopoly" should be banned.

All of this angst at my desktop just because I took the simple step of searching for picutres of American anti-war protests. I never knew there was so much displeasure in the world.

As for the DC protests, well, I found some of those pictures, too, and what's notable about them is just how doggone unfocused American protestors are. In these other places the protests seem focused, singular in nature. But in America there seemingly exists this coalition of professional protestors who just travel around glomming off each other's causes.

You see pro-Palestine banners at anti-war gatherings, Save Sea Turtle posters at WTO protests, Impeach Bush! signs at NOW gatherings. It just all gets so jumbled here in the USA. It's all disjointed, like one big BitchFest, a big ole fishbowl with all manner of whiner in it.

At those foreign protests, they seem to be able to pick a theme and stick to it. I now admire that.

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