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Monday, October 27, 2003

Blogger let me in!

For some reason, Blogger didn't want to let me in today. But it seems like the problem passed. Good.

For those who don't know, the terrorists are ramping up their attacks in Bahgdad. The Red Cross and several police stations were attacked. As usual, all emphasis is mine.

Witnesses said a homicide bomber drove an explosives-packed ambulance up to the ICRC building's security barriers around 8:30 a.m. and detonated it, blowing down the front wall, devastating the interior and blowing shrapnel and debris over a wide area.

That's right, folks. The same tactics that the "palestinians" like to employ. And you wonder why I call them animals?

Officers stopped a fifth would-be homicide bomber at another police station in central Baghdad before he detonated his Land Cruiser. "He was shouting, 'Death to the Iraqi police! You're collaborators!"' said police Sgt. Ahmed Abdel Sattar

Time to take off the gloves, Mr. Bush. Time to hunt these people down.

"Of course we don't understand why somebody would attack the Red Cross," Doumani said. "The Red Cross has operated in this country since 1980, and we have not been involved in politics."

Two buildings away, the explosion devastated the interior of the Al-Nawal private polyclinic operated by Dr. Jamal F. Massa, 53, who had been planning to open it as a full-fledged hospital next month.

"This only hurts guards and other Iraqis," Massa said.

Note to Iraqis: These bombers, these terrorists, they don't care about you. They don't care about your life. They don't care about your country or your wife, or your children. They only care about putting you under their heel. You have just escaped from the tyranny of Saddam, and they want to put you under THEIR control. They don't want you to be happy. They don't want you to be free. They don't want you to live a productive life, where you can watch your family grow and prosper, THEY WANT YOU TO BE THEIR SLAVES.

Their actions prove it. Their words say it. And you must fight it. Or else every bit of freedom that you have gained will be lost in an instant.

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