Day by Day

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I think we need a little more information before we once again see the egg on the face of the anti-Bush anti-war pro-hysterical timorous leftists in the establishment press and democratic party, but the news that an Iraqi scientist has led officials to components for a uranium enrichment system stashed in his backyard could be only the beginning of a slow unraveling of the NBC situation in Iraq.

I have no problem with the dog burying a bone out in the yard; dogs will be dogs. I draw the line, though, somewhere before someone in the 'nuclear mujahadeen' comes by looking for a place to stash his gas centrifuge. The implications are obvious: If Saddam had nothing to worry about, why were they hiding components in backyards?

I love the caption, "Pentagon officials stressed that none of the material constituted the 'smoking gun' they were looking for." As if only a smoking gun justifies the war. The only reason this find is not a 'smoking gun' is because Saddam and the Baathists are no longer around to pull the trigger.

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