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Thursday, January 05, 2006

God Smites the Politically Incorrect

Remember when the NCAA was blustering about punishing schools with "insensitive" mascots?

Last week, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced that it would ban the use of Native American team names and mascots in all NCAA-sponsored postseason tournaments. If a team turns up wearing uniforms with words like "Indians," "Braves" or similar nicknames the association deems "hostile and abusive," that team will be shown the locker-room door.
Well, I don't know how far the NCAA got, but God sure smited (smittified???) the evildoers in the past ten days or Bowl Games.

To wit:

The Arkansas St. Indians dropped New Orleans Bowl to the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss, 31-19.

The Red Raiders of Texas Tech lost to Alabama's Crimson Tide, 13-10, on a miracle late field goal.

The Florida State Seminoles lost to the Penn State Nittany Lions, 26-23, in overtime. FSU's field goals all mysteriously drifted wide.

The sole outlier were the Utes of Utah defeating Georgia Tech' Yellow Jackets, 38-10. Even God naps sometimes, apparently.

BONUS: Notre Dame's Fighting Irish fell to the Buckeyes of Ohio State, 34-20.

DOUBLE BONUS: The Trojans of Southern California took it on the chin from the Longhorns of Texas. Take that, Middle East insulters!!!

God smites the incorrect, as He often does. Or maybe it was Gaia. Whatever.

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