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Friday, March 31, 2006

Seattle Shooting

So, in case you missed it, there was a shooting in Seattle last weekend. A man walked into a party and starting blasting away at people, killing quite a few. As expected, the anti-gun crowd is using this incident to press their agenda.

But Analog Kid has a few facts that the GFW's won't tell you. Like the fact that the partiers and shooter both had come back from a rave where people were dressed as zombies.

Ever been to a rave in Seattle? AK nails it with this:

Raves are notorious for drug use, yet no toxicology reports have been released for either the shooter or the victims, but I will place $20 down right now that the shooters comes back with one, if not more of the following drugs: Speed, Cocaine, LSD, MDMA (aka Ecstacy).

To which I would add the drugs Crystal Meth, Crank, Crack, and Heroin. I provided security at a concert which was a rave dressed up for polite company back when I first moved to Seattle. The headliner of the night was a group called Crystal Method. Take crystal meth, add an O.D., and you've got Crystal Method.

Security? We didn't provide much security in terms of who we let in, because we were too damn busy walking through the crowd and grabbing the people who were before they got trampled. We turned the shipment dock into a medical area, and had ambulances running back and forth between my place of business and the hospital for hours. And this was at a public venue! We prevented as much illegal drugs from coming in as we could, so people would shoot up, smoke up, or snort up right before they came in. They would have one or two minutes of lucidity with which to get past the security guards, and once they were on the dancefloor they would be drugged out of their skulls.

Drugs are so accepted and so frequent in Seattle that I have no doubt both the party-goers and the shooter from this weekend were high as a kite on at least one, but probably two or three different drugs. Raves are not clean-cut parties where little boys and girls drink soda-pop and listen to top-40 hits.

So, you think that drug use combined with people dressed as zombies might have contributed to this tragedy? Hmmmmmmm?

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