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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Quote Mark Styne

Non-Workers of the world, UNITE!  All of these "Occupy (fill in the city)" folks, while providing the far Left something to try to brag about, are proving the stereotype of Leftist losers to be correct.  Go look at the picture of that girl at Insty's post.  Pink hair.  Pierced lips and nose.  Some sort of sores around her mouth.

Yeah, yeah, tell me all about Freedom of Expression and "being an individual" and blah blah blah the same bullshit I've heard for years.  If I was a business owner, would I want THAT to be the face that greets my customers?  Is that the first thing I want my customers to see?  No, it's not.  Take that ring out of your nose.  Remove the metal from your face before you try to talk to my customers.  Figure out little things like, oh, hygiene, so that when potential customers walk through the door they are NOT thinking "herpes or meth?" to themselves, like I did when I first saw the photograph.

If you want to be paid a respectable wage, you had better try to look respectable.  Look like a McDonalds fry cook, and chances are that's the kind of job you'll get.  When I finished my first stint in the Army, I bought a couple pairs of nice slacks, some good shirts, and a sports jacket.  I wore a coat and tie to every interview I had.  I was a professional, and I both looked and acted like one.  I was offered a job at every place I interviewed, and I picked the best one.

I did NOT have metal sticking out of my face.  My hair was it's natural color.  And more than anything, I expressed what I could bring to the company.  I didn't act like a petulant brat.

Then again, that's probably why I'm still employed, working on getting promoted, and NOT "occupying" Wall Street with anything except my retirement fund.

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