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Sunday, July 18, 2004

John Fonda Kerry gets another handprint on his face

And I'm loving it.

Kerry may or may not have been a war hero -- it's for darn sure he saw more active duty than George W. Bush. But we're not voting for favorite ex-soldier, we're voting for the policies that will protect us from foreign enemies.

Kerry's voting record in the Senate says that he'd rather our military consisted of a sixty-man chorus dressed in camo and singing "Give Me Some Men Who Are Stout-Hearted Men."

And maybe, maybe, one bugler.

If it had been up to Kerry, we wouldn't have had enough of a military to take over downtown Dallas, let alone Iraq.

Methinks something has upset Mr. Card, and Mr. Card is letting his feelings be known, to the delight of every right thinking person. RTWT, as they say.

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