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Monday, July 19, 2004

We Need A Bigger Defense Budget

Especially if we're going to take over for our neighbors to the North.

The Canadian navy will sit out the war on terrorism for one year in an effort to give exhausted sailors a chance to recuperate. HMCS Toronto left the Arabian Sea and the American George Washington Carrier Strike Group July 4 with a broken Sea King helicopter on deck.

And the navy has quietly decided against dispatching a replacement ship until spring 2005 at the earliest.

Take a look on the date on that article. July 15th, 2004. Our pals over at Random Nuclear Strikes recall when the Canadian Navy said the same damn thing ONE YEAR AGO!

"Tired and broke, the Canadian navy is slowing down for a year, cutting back on major training exercises and delaying a return to NATO's Atlantic fleet, senior officers say. "We're just taking a pause here," said Rear-Admiral Glenn Davidson, commander of the navy in the Atlantic.

So just to make things clear, this is pretty much a two year break, because the ONE SHIP that the Canadians were able to muster is damn near worn down to nothing.

How sad is that? How many billions were sunk into the Canadian Gun Registry program (which hasn't been able to prevent, solve, or even identify one single crime!)? How many billions of dollars get sucked into their socialized healthcare system? (which is so wonderful that many Canadians come down to the USA for medical treatment!). You would think that a country of thirty million people would be able to put out more than one ship at a time! The Canadian military, which was once so feared by the Germans that Hitler's troops avoided them and looked for American divisions to fight instead during the invasion of Normandy, is now a broken down, burnt out, used up shell of it's former self. Ignored, unfunded, and damn near abandoned, the Canadian military wouldn't be able to fight off a bad cold these days.

And why? Because the corrupt parasites in Ottowa know that if any country were dumb enough to invade Canada, the USA would ride to the rescue. The Canadian Government feels free to waste as much money as they want on their bread and circuses social programs because they know they don't have to worry about much else. It's disgusting, and it's disgraceful.

The only countries who can mount a military force anywhere close to the USA's strength are Britan and Australia. That's not to say other countries cannot bring considerable military might to bear - Poland, Korea, and New Zealand all have small units that have gained the respect and admiration of the US military. But how many countries can project one-tenth of America's military power over an extended period of time? Not many. (Granted, in Korea's defense they have to keep several hundred thousand troops ready in country due to the insane communist dicator to the North. That'll tie up your resources real quick.)

The next time liberals scream about how much we spend on defense, remind them that if other countries were able to defend themselves instead of begging the USA to do it for them, we wouldn't need to spend near as much as we do. Or we could just tell the UN to go get bent when they ask for troops, which would free up several hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars. That'll cut our defense expeditures quite a bit.

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