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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Thoughts on Sandy Berger

When I was in the military, I held a Secret security clearance.  If I had "inadvertently" stuffed classified documents down my pants and took them home, I would still be incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth, KS, breaking big rocks into little rocks.  The motives would not have mattered. 

Yet here we have the former NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR, who by all logic should not only know the rules but be familiar with the punishments involved in breaking them, "inadvertently" stuffing classified material down his PANTS!!!!  And not just Secret documents, we're talking about the highest level of security classification there is!  IN HIS FUCKING PANTS!

Let the dumb fuck rot in jail for the rest of his life.  You do not "inadvertently" stuff top secret documents down your pants.  You don't "accidentally" stuff top secret papers in your jacket.  That's the biggest line of bullshit I've seen in a while.

The worst part is this:  If this is Berger's normal mode of operation, i.e. being such a worthless "sloppy" dumb fuck that he shoves highly classified documents down his pants, then we know what National Security was like while he was in the NSA position.

National Security fell right out of his pants and into the toilet.

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