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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Say What?

Whoopie Goldberg: "America's heart and soul is freedom of expression without fear of reprisal,"

Excuse me?

Show me where it says that, please. Let's look up the freedoms we have and see if "Freedom of expression without fear of reprisal" is included in there. Let's see, we got Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom to Petition (the government). I don't see any part about "without fear of reprisal". Maybe the stupid bint doesn't realise that the government didn't do a damn thing to her. Time to wake up, Whoopsie.

Let's be clear: The 1st Amendment does not allow the Government to punish you if you say something that government leaders don't like. That's pretty much written in stone. But where did the government do anything to Whoopsie? Did someone in Congress call up Slim-Fast and tell them to dump her? Nope. There was absolutely no government involvement in that decision. It was all private citizens. John Doe on the street, who didn't want to see some blowhard alcoholic washed-up has-been on their TV screens anymore.

Dubya didn't do a damn thing to Whoopsie. We did. Joe Public. The Angry Americans. We're sick and tired of some uneducated idiots spouting off at the mouth everytime we turn on the TV sets. We're sick and tired of some pampered snot-nosed socialist bitch calling us names. We're sick and tired of seeing a group of elitist assholes badmouthing our president. And so we're doing something about it.

Did ya take a look at the stock prices of Slim-Fast's parent company? They're down. Not just a little "oh they'll come back tomorrow" down, but "ohshitweneeddamagecontrol" down. And with everybody and their brother calling up Slim-Fast to complain about the stupid bint, Slim-Fast put two and two together. Whoopsie was a liability, a money loser. If she hung on as the spokesperson, Slim-Fast was going to lose business. While her foul-mouth hystronics might go over well with the tin-foil hat "anybody but Bush" crowd, the vast majority of Americans felt their bile rise after her performance. She was going to cost Slim-Fast money, a lot more money than her million-plus dollar sponsorship, and they cut her loose. Dropped her like a bad habit. Dumped her on her worthless, Bush-hating ass. I expect the stocks to recover now that they don't have Whoopsie acting as a deadweight dragging them into the netherworld.

The government had nothing to do with it. Blame whatever else you like, but don't blame Uncle Sam. He was not a part of it. But this whole episode just highlights what we already know about liberal idiots.

What dipshits like Whoopsie REALLY want is the ability to say anything that might spew out of their piehole and not have to face the consequenses of it from ANYBODY. The Dixie Chicks badmouth the President overseas, and then they're shocked that their country-loving, flag-waving, NASCAR watching, patriotic fans dump them on their ass, complete with tractors driving over piles of their CD's. Natalie whines about how her freedom of speech is being squashed. Boo-fucking-hoo you bimbo, maybe you should have just kept your yap SHUT if you didn't want to drop out of the country music market. Everywhere I look I see the liberals who were bit in the ass by the free-market cry and snivel about their freedom of speech. Hey, you're free to say whatever the hell you want. But don't be surprised when the people who PAY YOUR FUCKING SALARY refuse to associate with you after you blast off at the mouth. Pissing off your fan base is what we here in Reality Land like to call a REALLY FUCKING DUMB IDEA!

They want protection from their own arrogant stupidity. Nope, sorry, that won't fly. How nice of the liberal Hollywood elite to showcase their own ignorance, though. I rather like it when they prove that they don't have a fucking clue what this country stands for. They don't have a clue what the Constitution says. And they don't have a clue about what it means to be a good American. If they want to dish out crap so vile that the transcript is being withheld from the public, then they'd better learn REALLY DAMN FAST that there are consequences for their shit. And it won't come from the government.

It'll come from the people they despise the most: average Americans.

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