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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Greetings from Idaho

I'm typing this on a computer that doesn't seem to like Blogger's "create post" window, so we'll see how it goes.

It was hot as hell when the girlfriend and I drove through central Washington. Probably in the 100's. All I know is that we had the windows down in the truck, and even at 70+mph, the wind was still HOT. N. Idaho is a bit cooler, but it's also at a higher elevation.

By the way, the sheer amount of stress that melted off of me as soon as I crossed the state line is unbelieveable. If I could have taken my blood pressure, I bet it would have been at least 20 points lower. When I finally move to Idaho, I'm going to have to change my cyber-name to something like "Slightly Aggrivated Dave", or "Kinda Grumpy Dave", because the rage just isn't quite there when I'm not in Seattle. Go figure.

I spent some more time on my property, looking at where we're going to build, and where we need to clear away brush to allow new tree growth. The more time I spend there, the more I love it. There was a chance I was going to sell the land if the price was right, but I think that will be where I build my house. That is, unless some idiot puts up a development too close for comfort. I need plenty of space between me and the nearest neighbor.

The place I'm staying right now is out in the middle of the country. It's so quiet that if you stand outside and just listen, you can hear your heartbeat. Last night I was enjoying a nightcap outside, and I could hear coyotes yipping and howling a fair distance away. The sound was echoing down the valley, and it sent chills down my spine. I just stood outside, sipping a beer, and listening to them howl. Early this morning I listened to owls hooting in the grey early light. This place is medicine for the soul.

And the night sky..... No wonder we can't get kids interested in astronomy anymore. The city lights drown out the sky. I can see a few of the major stars from my house in Seattle. Out here you can see ALL of them, not just Cirrus Major, or the belt of Orion. You see everything. The major stars are swimming in an ocean of other stars, too many of them to count. If more kids lived in the country, they would understand just how magnificent the night sky truly is. I'll have to see if I can hold the shutter on my camera open long enough to capture the true sight of it.

I'll be back in Seattle Sunday evening. I figure that by the time I've gone through traffic and dealt with the people from that area, I'll be back to my old pissed off self. I'll see you then.

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